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Kim Kardashian takes viewers behind-the-scenes of Fergie's MILF$ music video after lashing out over Photoshop accusations

2016-07-20 09:46:53

Kim Kardashian takes viewers behind-the-scenes of Fergie's MILF$ music video after lashing out over Photoshop accusations

Kim Kardashian gave fans a sneak peek behind the scenes of Fergie's MILF$ music video.

The latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians showed an unedited look at the making of the clip.

The 35-year-old had previously lashed out over claims she had been Photoshopped.

There were certainly some subtle differences between the E! footage and the final product of the music video.

In the official release, her skin appeared completely smooth and her nude latex number was colour corrected.

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Before and after: Kim Kardashian took her reality TV cameras behind-the-scenes of Kim's MILF$ appearance, giving fans an unedited look at her shoot and right, the final music

Aside from giving her an overall more polished appearance, Kim's arms looked smoother as she slicked her hair back in the final music video product.

The changes even brought out more of the milky white colour of her shower.

The reality star impressed Fergie with her prowess in the high heels, which she wore during a milk shower scene.

After rinsing off while wearing a nude bodysuit and gold platform heels, Fergie told her, 'Yeah, you really know what you're doing on these sexy shoes, girl.'

'Really, I have no idea!' Kim replied, toweling off.

The mother-of-two was joined by her husband Kanye West for the shoot, who was more than happy to offer his input as she underwent hair and makeup.

Kanye watched on as his wife struck a pose, holding a carton of milk while clad in the now infamous tiny blue shorts, thigh high cowboy boots, and Got Milf? t-shirt.

That particular scene looked to have undergone some colour correcting as well, as her outfit appeared several shades darker in real-life.

While discussing the vision behind the music video with stylist B. Åkerlund earlier in the show, Kim said, 'Do whatever you want with me. Just make me look skinny.'

Suggestions that Kim's ultra tiny waist was Photoshopped arose online shortly after the music video's release.

But the reality star went out of her way to prove that was far from the case by sharing a behind-the-scenes video from the music video on Snapchat, and attributing her tiny waistline to corset use.

Kim also took to her paid-for website to describe the effort it took to get into her extreme music video outfit.

'Squeezing into this look was a full team effort! LOL. We had to put in work!', Kim wrote in the post, which included behind-the-scenes photos of her surrounded by stylists as they helped her into the outfit.

Akerlund strategically employed the use of custom-made latex designs to amplify Kim's famous curves, she told Billboard.

'I knew from the moment we met that I wanted to play with her insanely amazing body to create an extreme character we had never seen from her before. I incorporated corsetry and latex to exaggerate her natural body shape,' she said.

'The idea was that everything was pumped up with an insanely skinny waist and super tall boots, which created a real-life Kim Barbie,' Akerlund added.